Salome Sakellariou

My talent is in dance and not in literature. But because i have an extremely vivid fantasy, i like to translate it into writing on paper.


Stelios Polydorou

Cover creation


Ilia Iatrou

Text Correction



Zoe Vokou

  Teacher of  French literature
  Text translation in French

Alexandros Konstantinidis





Rania Kargadou

Text translation in English


Music, dance, Athens.
A ‘bright ‘ night, a legendary company, Isadora Dunkan, Elvis, John Lennon and George Harrison walk down the streets of Athens.
In which other city could possibly the semi-Gods come down and have a break?
This is the only place where they can play music

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Who is the Murderer?

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1) Sometimes tender moments come unexpectedly in our lives and then something happens and everything changes

2) So that we are careful…

3) We must all have our own ‘hoorays!’  in our lives

4) Does peace of mind count more than wanting to be beautiful?

5) A very crazy story…..just like that

6) To have everything red in our lives


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For this story I’ve no words to write down, the only thing I can do is to shout- ‘Long Live women!!!’

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‘Les Miserables of Athens’ was written in 1996, when I began to be very concerned with the phenomenon of the ‘children of the streetlights’, that were working under harsh conditions near the streetlights.
Even today, there’s a lot to be said about immigration, because this problem has not only been solved, but instead it’s getting worse.

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The city is upset by the gangs of cats, mice, pigeons who are trying to exterminate the Barcats and close the Bar...

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12 enfants tell their Stories...

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Our little Pyrros, our dear dog, who is now ‘in dogs’ heaven’, must be very happy now that you’re reading his diary.

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We invite you to our neighborhood, where you’ll find love, tenderness, laughter, joy and warmth.
Come and all together we’ll create human neighborhoods.

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